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Chris Malta and Robin Cowie are the Writers and Hosts of the show.

Chris Malta is the Founder and CEO of Worldwide Brands, the Internet's leading Product Sourcing Experts. He is the Product Sourcing Editor for The eBay Radio Show, author of several EBooks, and co-Author of "What To Sell on eBay and Where To Get It", published by McGraw-Hill. Chris has a 30 year background in wholesale, retail and Entrepreneurial business.

Robin Cowie is a Partner in Worldwide Brands. He is a highly talented Business Development and Marketing Specialist, and a well known Television & Movie Producer. He is known in the movie industry as one of the producers of "The Blair Witch Project"; just one of his many successful Entrepreneurial endeavors.

The Internet's recognized leader in EBiz Product Sourcing, Worldwide Brands connects Online Sellers with highly qualified wholesale suppliers.

Worldwide Brands is the ONLY publisher of Wholesale Product Sourcing information that is Certified by eBay. We are the Product Sourcing Editors for The eBay Radio Show, and are Speakers at the eBay National Convention every year.


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 Air Date: 2/25/2008
 Segment 1 – Current Issues in Importing – Kelby Woodard

Colette: Thanks for joining us today. I’m Colette Marshall, Worldwide Brands Marketing Director, and I’m in for Robin Cowie and Chris Malta today. A few weeks ago we had a show where we talked about how to limit your importing liability and we didn’t get a chance to cover all that information. So we thought it was very important for online sellers so we asked Kelby Woodard of to come on back and finish up our conversation about steps you can take to protect your business interests and successfully implement importing into your eBiz.

 Air Date: 2/25/2008
 Segment 2 – Current Issues in Importing – Kelby Woodard

Colette: Today we’re taking a closer look at how to ensure you’re complying with customs and safety regulations when you source products from overseas with Kelby Woodard, Principal of

 Air Date: 2/25/2008
 Segment 3 – Current Issues in Importing – Kelby Woodard

Colette: We’re speaking with Kelby Woodard of about current issues in importing and how they impact online sellers.

 Air Date: 2/25/2008
 Segment 4 – Product Source of the Week – Household Items

Colette: The biggest question on everyone’s mind in home-based internet business is “where do I find products to sell?” Well, you find them right here on our show. Every week we interview a genuine wholesale supplier that we have fully verified and listed in OneSource at which you can use for your own home-based internet business. Today we’re speaking with Rick Simonis, Co-owner of Lifestyle Lighting. You can find them online at

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