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Robin Cowie is a Partner in Worldwide Brands. He is a highly talented Business Development and Marketing Specialist, and a well known Television & Movie Producer. He is known in the movie industry as one of the producers of "The Blair Witch Project"; just one of his many successful Entrepreneurial endeavors.

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 Show Date: 2/25/2008
 Segment 4 Ė Product Source of the Week Ė Household Items

Colette: The biggest question on everyoneís mind in home-based internet business is ďwhere do I find products to sell?Ē Well, you find them right here on our show. Every week we interview a genuine wholesale supplier that we have fully verified and listed in OneSource at which you can use for your own home-based internet business. Today weíre speaking with Rick Simonis, Co-owner of Lifestyle Lighting. You can find them online at

Colette: Rick, welcome to the show.

Rick: Hello.

Colette: Hello. Can you tell our listeners a little bit about your company?

Rick: We started selling lighting back in 1984. Weíve been in the business for a long time. If itís a touch lamp and itís made somewhere weíre aware of it (laughter).

Colette: (Laughter) Iím taking a look at your site right now, is it mainly touch lamps or do you have a variety of different kinds of lamp products?

Rick: Mainly we just sell about 200 different patterns of glass for the touch lamps. We also do have a selection of lighted pictures, LEDís, and some neon clocks that we make ourselves that are personalized, we can put any picture you want in the clock.

Colette: Thatís great. We just had Lisa Suttora on our radio show and she was talking about one of the greatest trends right now is having that ability to customize different types of products. So hereís a great niche that sounds like you can use with lamps where you can even customize it. Iím looking at your site and youíve got some beautiful Tiffany style touch lamps on here which are absolutely beautiful from what Iím looking at here. Iíve actually been looking for a place to buy one of these (laughter).

Rick: (Laughter)

Colette: I understand you are a drop ship and a light bulk wholesaler, correct?

Rick: Yes.

Colette: How do you support your internet sellers?

Rick: Thatís a tough question because we have so many few problems that whenever we are faced with something itís brand new. The lamps are all guaranteed. Once in a while we have a broken piece of glass and all we need to know is who it went to, what the order number was, and weíll ship it out to their customer at no charge to them. Thereís a 1-year warranty on all the touch mechanisms.

Colette: Thatís great.

Rick: We ask that they keep in touch with the site because when we run low on a certain item it will go off the site, but we generally have it back all the time within 4-8 days.

Colette: Thatís fantastic and you bring up a great point Rick. One thing weíre always talking with online sellers about doing is really communicating with your suppliers and understanding their policies and procedures. You brought up a perfect example that if itís going to be out of stock you take it down off the site. So if you just keep looking at that site, for example in your case, youíll be able to help avoid out-of-stock situations. For example, if youíre selling on eBay or something like that youíll avoid listing something that isnít available. Now, do you have anything thatís under development right now that youíd like to share?

Rick: There are a couple new lamp items coming out, a couple NASCAR lamps and a couple small Disney lamp of the Cars movie.

Colette: Oh, thatís great.

Rick: Thatís coming out. Weíre having Juniorís New Car will be coming out next month also.

Colette: I see on your site youíre going to be at the ASD Las Vegas tradeshow, thatís great.

Rick: Iím there as a buyer. I meet the glass factories there.

Colette: Well, thatís great. So youíre not actually going to have a booth there then.

Rick: No.

Colette: So if anybody is interested in speaking with you it would be best to either contact them through OneSource or you can take a look at What is the most common question that sellers ask you about these touch lamps?

Rick: Most people ask, whatís the best seller.

Colette: Right.

Rick: And thatís a common question, but depending on where you live in the country, what sells in New York is different than what sells in Nevada. I recommend to be sure to put some flower lamps out there, the 8-panel Tiffany style you really canít get anywhere else on the internet anywhere, and thatís a good lamp to pick a couple styles and put out.

Colette: Well thatís a great suggestion Rick. Definitely sellers, take up on the opportunity of that. That is our show for today. Once again you can find their company online at Iím Colette Marshall.

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