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 Show Date: 2/4/2008
 Segment 4 Ė Product Source of the Week Ė Baby Products

Colette: The biggest question on everyoneís mind in home-based internet business is ďwhere do I find products to sell?Ē Well, you find them right here on our show. Every week we interview a genuine wholesale supplier that we have fully verified and listed in OneSource at which you can use for your own home-based internet business. Today weíre speaking with John Conners, Sales Manager of LA Baby Company. You can find them online at

Colette: John, welcome to the show.

John: Thank you very much for having us on your show, I appreciate it.

Colette: Oh, itís wonderful to have you on the show. Tell our listeners a little bit about your company.

John: LA Baby manufacturer baby products. Our company has been in business for a little over 50 years. We make such things as full size baby cribs and compact baby cribs. We make mattresses and pads of all sizes here in our factory in Los Angeles. And we ship out goods out of either Los Angeles or in some cases we ship some products out of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Colette: Great locations for both coastal areas. What kind of products do you have available? Iím taking a look at your site as Iím talking here. You definitely know the baby niche very well, thatís for sure.

John: Yeah, thatís really our only niche, I guess you might say. And we sell baby cribs, both for residential and commercial use.

Colette: Like daycare, for example.

John: Yeah, daycare or hotels.

Colette: Okay.

John: And we also sell a crib that can be used in rental properties also.

Colette: You make such a great point out there, because many sellers out there when youíre thinking baby products you think the end consumer. Thereís also a B-to-B world out there that you can consider, like you had just mentioned, John, the hotels and the daycare. They need those products too.

John: Thatís right, yeah. And I think a lot of them are on the internet looking for this type of product.

Colette: Definitely. I understand you do drop shipping as well as light bulk wholesale.

John: We can sell our products either by truck line or package delivery to the retailerís warehouse or store, or we can drop ship our items direct to the retailerís customers. Many of our products are shipped from either our warehouse here in California or out of the Philadelphia warehouse.

Colette: How do you support your internet sellers, do you provide a lot of images and content?

John: Yeah. When we get information that they need, we can send them images and specs on all of our products by way of email. And we can also, if they request it, provide them a CD for their website.

Colette: Do you have anything thatís new and up and coming?

John: We are introducing right now a new organic cotton layer mattress and very recently we have brought to market a wicker bassinet that, while being an heirloom piece and is very ornate and sort of something from the past century, not the last century, but the previous one, itís also very much up to date in what people are looking for, because a lot of people are looking for a side sleeper to put right next to the parentsí bed so that the baby, when theyíre brand new, can sleep right next to them. So yeah, those are the two items, the organic cotton layer mattress and also a wicker bassinet which is not only an heirloom piece, but itís also sort of a state of the art side sleeper.

Colette: Well John, youíve made two great points there: #1 is that organic, keyword organic. We just had Lisa Suttora on our show and we were talking about how organic is a huge trend and anything green is great. So if youíre in that niche of baby products an organic mattress is an ideal product to get there on your website. The other thing you mentioned was about the side sleeper and how you know thatís something the customers are looking for. As a retailer you should be talking with great people like John here who know their industry very well. They get a lot of information ahead of time on key things that sell well like, I believe you called it a side sleeper?

John: Yes, thatís right.

Colette: I donít have kids yet, so Iíve still got a lot to learn.

John: Well, it sits beside the sides of the bed and that way the baby can sleep in the parentsí environment rather than in a full size crib, because a lot of full size cribs or a lot of bedrooms arenít going to accommodate a full size crib.

Colette: I greatly appreciate your being on the show today. That is our show for today. John Conners of LA Baby Company, thank you for joining us.

John: Okay, thank you very much.

Colette: Youíre welcome. Once again, you can find their company online at Donít forget, if you want to stay up to date with the latest product sourcing tips, access free spotlighted suppliers, and even find local tradeshows in your area, then sign up now for your free subscription to the product sourcing newsletter at Join us again next week.

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