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 Show Date: 1/28/2008
 Segment 4 Ė Product Source of the Week Ė Art

Colette: The biggest question on everyoneís mind in home-based internet business is ďwhere do I find products to sell?Ē Well, you find them right here on our show. Every week we interview a genuine wholesale supplier that we have fully verified and listed in OneSource at which you can use for your own home-based internet business. Today weíre speaking with Tim Veldman, Owner of ICA Cycle. You can find them online at

Colette: Tim, welcome to the show.

Tim: Thanks for having me.

Colette: Itís wonderful to have you on the show. Iím taking a look at your website right now and you got me all excited. Motorcycle products, I love it. So, can you tell our listeners a little bit about your company?

Tim: Well, yeah. Basically, as you see it in front of you, itís a niche market, Christian motorcyclers. Itís based on the Ichthus, or the Christian fish, and itís just kind of a modern derivation of the fish adding wheels and a handlebar to make it look like a motorcycle.

Colette: Thatís very unique, very niche. There are a lot of sellers out there looking for niche type products. What kinds of products do you have available?

Tim: Again, as you can see on the website, or if other people head there, we offer a lot of clothes, just because thatís a huge draw at motorcycle rallies and online.

Colette: Would you say more men or women like your shirts?

Tim: Well, itís basically male, but the girls are catching up.

Colette: (Laughter)

Tim: There are more girls buying motorcycles every day and so, of course, we try and keep an ear to that and there are a lot of ladies, too, getting on the back of a bike with their husband as it turns into kind of a family sport.

Colette: Now, I understand youíre a light bulk wholesaler?

Tim: Right, and we do everything we can to work with retailers. So we donít even have a minimum quantity that they have to order and we just started a buy back program as well. So the only risk, really, is shipping. People can buy as much or as little as they want. We suggest buying at least a case which is usually right around 3 dozen shirts, depending on the shirt, just to make the shipping efficient.

Colette: Now, what would you say are some of the most common questions that sellers ask you about your products?

Tim: Does it sell? Every retailer is just concerned about getting it out there and, fortunately, the symbol speaks for itself. You know, if you see it and you think itís novel, then of course it sells, because we all know that novel new stuff definitely moves. The biggest, I guess, issue with the product is the demographic. Thatís it power point, but thatís also, I guess, itís weakness. And so I always caution retailers, because itís obviously not a magic product, youíve got to have the right demographic. But if youíre in a demographic, if you can find Christian motorcyclers, then the question, will it sell? is pretty easy to answer. Of course, they love it because itís theirs, itís new.

Colette: You know, you bring up such a great point, and thatís what niche is all about. You know, youíre targeting a certain audience.

Tim: Mm-Hmm.

Colette: And even if youíre just selling motorcycle products or motorcycle equipment, we were just talking on an earlier segment about up-sells and cross-sells. Having these kinds of products that you have on your site is a great up-sell and a cross-sell that an existing merchant who is selling other motorcycle products can offer. See now, this is a tool that you can use with up-selling and cross-selling.

Tim: Right.

Colette: Itís a great product, great product.

Tim: And a lot of motorcycle retailers, I think when they do try and do a cross-sell, a lot of the cross-sells that theyíre going to try and do often become offensive or kind of restrictive, because there are a lot of skulls. You know, a lot of the shirts are very restrictive to whoís going to buy it, and so when youíre trying to hit the biggest demographic you can of motorcyclers, a lot of times those motorcycle stores have a hard time finding merchandise thatís appropriate for a cross-sell. Now, of course, this is not offensive. Itís definitely a niche, but itís something that can be carried beside any other motorcycle product.

Colette: I would have to 100% agree with you on that one. I definitely recommend taking a look at Theyíve got quite an extensive array of different apparel, all with this wonderful logo that youíve put together. And, once again, like you said, itís a niche. You can go after it, go after that traffic that youíre not actually going to right now. Stretch your horizons. That is our show for today. Tim Veldman of ICA Cycle, thank you for joining us.

Tim: Thank you.

Colette: Once again, you can find their company online at Donít forget, if you want to stay up to date with the latest product sourcing tips, access free spotlighted suppliers, and even find local tradeshows in your area, then sign up now for your free subscription to the product sourcing newsletter at Join us again next week. Iím Colette Marshall.

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